About EduStation

In order to bridge the technology gap in Africa, significant changes are needed in the Education sector.

EduStation is a selection of quality free educational programs and information, containing more than 150 educational activities and information for school projects.

Our children in Africa need to be equipped with skills in computers and technology from an early age.

To enable the teaching of these skills, our company focuses on quality educational free software which is currently available to anyone. Following more than 5 years of research and development, a fully functional and informative educational workstation has been compiled, consisting of 100% licensed freeware, significantly reducing the cost of set-up. This workstation is useful not only for the teaching of computer skills, but also a wealth of other skills.

EduStation consists of high quality tools adequate to develop children between the ages of 2-18 years. This includes development of preschool children like perceptual development, language development, memory exercises, basic computer literacy and basic concepts such as colours, telling the time and basic numeracy.

Older children have access to activities developing language learning, mathematical skills, general knowledge and science skills.

  • Perceptual development
  • Reading exercises
  • Memory exercises
  • Mathematics / Numeracy
  • Geography
  • Science and chemistry
  • Computer discovery
  • Games like chess, sudoku
  • Lots more, like telling the time, resolving puzzles and vector drawing
  • Computer Programming skills