Classroom Solutions

An offline learning platform where learners and courses can be added, complete with interactive CAPS curriculum workbooks for every grade and subject. Learners and teachers are added as users with their own log-in and password. Learners complete the interactive electronic workbooks, which is then marked and graded by the server. Teachers can change lessons as needed, view learner grades, and add electronic assessments which can be completed by learners and graded by the server.
This is a low cost solution, because all of the software is FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), so license costs are avoided. The learning modules can be accessed from any device within the school LAN access point, as the learning system (Moodle) runs from a browser. EduStation can be loaded on the computer lab as supplementary or remedial exercises.
A cloud component can be added with which teachers can add content remotely, and learner grade reports can be viewed from anywhere on the internet. Although the cloud component is connected to the internet, the connection is in the background, and connectivity is still not a requirement for day-to-day activities.