We have two exciting products available which both come with the branded USB Wristband installation of EduStaion:

1. EduStation Standard Package
Recommended for children Preschool to Grade 6.
Age related activities are divided into 3 groups:
a. Preschool
b. Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3)
c. Intermediate Pase (Grde 4-6)
Activities include the following:
– Computer Discovery
– Basic Numeracy
– Perceptual Development
– English Language
– Mathematics
– Life Skills
– Science
– Wikipedia Articles
– Fun Activities
– Puzzles / Brainteasers



2. EduStation Introduction to Programming package
This is a more advanced course, recommended for children Grades 5-9.
– Introduction to computer programming for children.
– Kids learn to write their own computer games!
– In the process they learn very important basic concepts of computer programming.
Subjects covered include the following:
– What is a computer? A short history
– Hardware and Software
– Data – 0’s and 1’s
– Interpreters and Compilers
– Breaking up big problems into small blocks
– Drawing pictures with logo turtle
– Functions
– Creating stories and games with Scratch
– Loops
– Variables
– Decision trees

Programming manual Programming manual2 Programming manual3 Programming manual4

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