Programming Workshops

Children, have a look around you. Software is everywhere! Don’t ge left behind! Master the new Super Power!

At KidsBeGeeks we are passionate about education, specifically education in Africa. In order to bridge the technology gap in Africa, significant changes are needed in the education sector. It is a little-known truth that children can learn computer programming skills from a much younger age than it is being taught at school. We strive to educate South Africa’s children into the basic thinking required to be a computer programmer from early on. If these skills can be captured at a young age, children will better understand and adapt to these technical skills later on in life. This opens a world of opportunity in terms of career opportunities as well as creative thinking, which is much needed in our country.

Computer programming is a fairly scarce skill in Africa – this fact is proven by the huge technology gap we experience currently. Today in schools, programming (IT) is only taught from grade 10 onwards. Before that, the focus is on computer literacy.

Most children are fairly computer literate by the age of 10 already, and have learned almost all they need to know about using a computer. At this stage, kids become bored with computers, and activities are limited to games and internet surfing. Nobody introduces these children to computer programming skill.

For this reason, our company focuses on teaching children programming concepts from a young age. In a fun and stimulating environment, kids learn to write their own computer games.

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